Apply for Batch 26

[Opportunity alert] Application to 500 startups' 26th batch is NOW OPEN!

The 500 seed accelerator is a 4-month program that gives you the opportunity to work alongside at the 500 Startups headquarters in the heart of San Francisco. While here, you'll have exclusive access to 500's diversely accomplished team, and the opportunity to regularly meet with and take classes from some of the best mentors in the Bay Area.
How it works:
???? Investments of $150k in exchange for 6%
???? Get your own desk at 500 HQ in the heart of San Francisco
???? Study the skills required to take your company into hyper-growth mode
???? Batch 26 will begin on October 2019

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Apply for Batch 26

500 Startups is accepting applications for Batch 26, which will take place at our San Francisco headquarters from October 28th, 2019 through March 12th, 2020. Early Admission PeriodThe early application period is August 5th, 2019…