[Unicorns on its way]

[Unicorns on its way????????] Since 2018, Ukrainian Tech industry is booming by giving founders opportunities to scale their business internationally and create great value to Tech world.
So here is the list of Ukrainian-born/raised/developed Unicorns (almost!) for the last years:

???? GitLab, complete DevOps platform. Valuation: $ 2.7 bln
???? Grammarly, free writing assistant. Valuation: $ 1 bln
????The Bitfury Group, the largest non-Chinese company that specializes in the development of Bitcoin blockchain software. Valuation: the largest blockchain unicorn in the Western world.
????Ring, home security system. Was bought by Amazon.com for $ 1 bln.
????Genesis, an internet company which operates in Africa and Asia. In 2 years will enter the club of unicorns.
People.ai, drive revenue intelligence. Valuation: $0.5 bln.

via ЛІГА.Tech

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