[The most respectable IT Employers in Ukraine]

[The most respectable IT Employer in Ukraine] The best places to work in Ukrainian IT companies – top 100 employer brands according to MC Today’s research/report.

So, meet the lucky 5:
1. Grammarly – sensational Ukrainian unicorn, AI-powered products that help people communicate more effectively. Young, remarkable, empathetic, gritty team with offices in Kyiv, New-York and San Francisco.
2. Genesis – one of the largest partners of Facebook, Google, Snapchat and Apple in the CEE region, which developing projects in four major business verticals — digital media, mobile apps, e-commerce, and social discovery. The powerful high-tech team in Eastern Europe.
3. SoftServe – the largest Ukrainian IT company, a team of 5,500+ thinkers and makers, true professionals and good people. SoftServe’s mission is to enable talented people to change the world that’s why was created SoftServe University for team members.
4. ROZETKA – Ukrainian Amazon or Alixpress, the biggest market place and online retailer in Ukraine. The company cares about the team at different levels, for example, Rozetka has a unique project “Mutual aid” for colleagues which has any life difficulties.
5. MEGOGO – the international media platform, all about information technology, media, entertainment, LIVE streaming, and Big Data; the Best developer for Google Play 2016. Maybe it’s the next Netflix, Hulu or HBO)

via MC Today [RU]



На первом месте – Grammarly. Вот итоги топ-100 самых уважаемых IT-работодателей страны

В первую очередь в список мы включали IT-компании с собственным выдающимся продуктом, также в него вошли сервисные IT-компании, у которых, на наш взгляд, отличная репу…