TechUkraine is on the radars of the national stage

[TechUkraine is on the radars of the national stage]

Tech Ukraine supported IT Stage at investment forum RE:think. Invest in Ukraine in Mariupol. TechUkraine is here to make Ukraine a leading tech nation. So we support all initiatives that facilitate cooperation local governments, business and IT. It’s our core mission – to make Ukraine a leading Tech Nation, together????.

Nataliya Mykolska is a visionary and Supervisory Board Member moderated the panel on the cooperation of local governments, businesses and IT for efficient technological solutions????.

The key points of the discussion with Viktor Gurskyi, Oleksandr Slavskyi, Олександр Кочурін:
???? Trust;
???? Communication – open dialogue of all stakeholders;
???? Cooperation;
???? education – not only essential project management and finance but also – learning the cooperation between cities and startups and vice versa. The program TechUkraine Startup-in-Residence incubation program is the perfect opportunity to build bridges between municipalities and the startup ecosystem by connecting startups with cities. As a result, a city gets an innovative solution to one of their challenges and startup gets the first big client – the city: during the 3-month program, participants receive training and the opportunity to book a range of workshops with professional mentors, also they have access to the municipality’s network, corporate partners and events. As a result – resolving the urban problems and challenges by startups’ innovative projects, and making Ukrainian cities smart and comfortable.
????Platforms that unite, empower and provide a win-win strategy for stakeholders. TechUkraine provides a platform to connect and empower the Ukrainian Tech Ecosystem and scale it globally.

Thanks, Nataliya, our ambassador, for sharing values of TechUkraine and engage leaders in all stages to cooperate for better results????.
Let’s make Ukraine TechUkraine together!????
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