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TechUkraine is a platform driven by a desire to strengthen the Ukrainian tech ecosystem and make Ukraine a world-leading Tech Nation, together. According to the success cases of our entrepreneurs and tech unicorns, raising startup and technological ecosystem of the country, we would like to present TechUkraine Blog which will provide:

  • the most exciting insider’s experiences, 
  • explore Ukrainian startup environment and digital pioneers, 
  • share insights from the global events by first-hand, 
  • Introduce the most useful tips by change-makers and rising stars of the innovation industry,
  • Tips for the launches, growth hacking, and disruptive innovations

We strive to represent the voices of the Ukrainian tech ecosystem, which will sound on both sides of the ocean, connect and empower stakeholders, and scale the local startups globally.

We have a passion to create a future in the present, contribute to the community and navigate the world what’s on offer in the Ukrainian startup scene.

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We are open to cooperation and contribution of the tech community – if you’d like to share meaningful content like reports, news, expertise, experience, please, mail us to inna@techukraine.org with the subject line “Blog contribution.” We believe in the synergy of networks!


Ruben Nieuwenhuis, advisor of TechUkraine.

Ruben is an entrepreneur, former director of StartupAmsterdam and a driving force in connecting leading Dutch startup platforms & tech clusters into a catalyst program: StartupDelta.

Ruben Nieuwenhuis: 

“TechUkraine was founded in times when tech giants and tech ambassadors become the major players in the global economy and society. I represent the Dutch tech ecosystem with successful global tech projects StartupAmsterdam, Dutchbasecamp, Amsterdam Economic Board. We spent years to improve the community and to achieve success worldwide, so now with TechUkraine team, we strive to use the best practices and approaches to develop the potential and hidden abilities of the Ukrainian tech community, grow and reach success.   

  • Within TechUkraine blog we’d like to provide exclusive, useful and valuable information for the community which helps and gives the advantages for stakeholders:
  1. For startups – to grow faster with a full toolkit of comprehensive support and open new markets
  2. For tech hubs, accelerators and scale-ups – to cooperate and use the networks opportunities
  3. For Ukrainian cities – to flourish and become more innovative

So, let’s start to share ideas, cases, experiences to empower each other and going global! Follow and join us – be in line with the world tech community!”

Natalia Mykolska:

“Ukraine is a country of creative and talented people. During years in the Export promotion office and developing the Export Strategy of Ukraine, we realized that our entrepreneurs are ready to upscale the innovative projects and spread the disruptive solutions for the rest of the world, but they need a kick-start, brushing skills and professional mentoring. In addition to our current projects (portal TechUkraine, Going Global, Startup-in-Residence) we’d like to contribute community by sharing success stories, lifehacks, pros and cons, how-to cases from the insiders of the industry in Ukraine and abroad.
We absolutely convinced that the synergy of stakeholders will strengthen our common efforts, so we could go faster and farther, therefore, TechUkraine pleased to present TechUkraine Blog – the project which aim is to give more and reach more by all participants and community members.

We would appreciate your involvement – don’t hesitate to add your voice to the global tech orchestra!  Because one and one are always more than two – let’s push forward the boundaries and let’s make Ukraine TechUkraine, together!

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