How WOW is Ukraine?

How WOW is Ukraine ?????????

Ukraine WOW | Інтерактивна виставка presents a fantastic exhibition that explores and introduces the hidden image of Ukraine’s geography, industry, history, and culture by new technologies recently opened in Kyiv at the locomotive department at the Kyiv central railway station ????

Here you can find surprising facts about Ukraine — some of them presented as text and some as installations. For instance, the history of Kyiv’s Rodina Mat (Motherland) Monument, which is one of the tallest statues in the world, is accompanied by a VR headset????. The set offers visitors a view from the top of the 102-meter monument.

“There’s just one step, one line in the letter from Ukraine Now to Ukraine Wow,” – Yaroslava Gres, the co-founder of the Gres Todorchuk PR

Don’t miss to visit the exhibition at the Kyiv central railway station till the 29th of December and look at Ukraine from different sides!❤️
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