Meet 7 winners of the Top 30 Under 30 award by Kyiv Post????, who achieved outstanding results in the tech field in 2019 and help put Ukraine on the map as one of the leading tech and science countries in the world!????????

Who are these young tech prodigies, inventors, startupers, and leaders which represent a new image of Ukraine on the global stage?????

????Valentyn Frechka, 18, Inventor and biotechnologist, founder of Re-leaf Paper project. Valentyn found a way to produce paper sheets out of fallen tree leaves.

????Olga Kharasakhal, 18, Inventor, scientist, and future oncologist. Olga has already invented a new method of detecting melanoma, skin cancer, which allows doctors to treat it in the earliest stage. The invention has become a breakthrough and brought Olga recognition globally.

????Kateryna Mykhalko, 18, Entrepreneur
Kateryna founded her own business at 16, when she and two partners started nuka, creating an eternal notebook resistant to water, tearing and other physical damage.

????Max Frolov, 26, Tech entrepreneur, scientist
Max company DataRoot Labs is helping develop a virtual artificial intelligence friend for lonely people and a personal coaching platform for amateur athletes. Additionally, Frolov has created a free university-level program that now allows thousands of bright tech and science students to get a full education in data science, changing their lives.

????Maksym Petruk, 27, Tech entrepreneur, CEO WeSoftYou
Maksym owns an IT company with an array of international clients and splits his time between Ukraine and Silicon Valley. Financial services company Payoneer named him the Innovator of the Year in 2019.

????Lidiya Terpel, 27, IT entrepreneur
Lidiya is IT prodigy and the founder and CEO at Skyworker, has already taken her teams and her tech projects to great places.

????Mykhailo Fedorov, 28, Minister of digital transformation/ Міністерство цифрової трансформації України
Mykhailo is a deputy prime minister and minister of digital transformation (the youngest minister in Ukraine’s history) who works to turn Ukraine into a tech nation

Let’s make Ukraine TechUkraine, together!????
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