The Entrepreneur Helping Ukraine’s Startup Talent To Go Global

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How to unlock the potential of the ????????Ukraine startup scene and help Ukrainian startups transform into world-class companies – case study by David Gilgur, a partner of the first ????????British Ukrainian startup accelerator Blue Lake Accelerator.

????Key points:
???? Anyone who had worked with Ukraine over the previous five years couldn’t fail to have noticed the buzz surrounding ????the country’s IT scene.
???? while Ukrainian startup founders were technically proficient, imaginative and hardworking, they lacked significant knowledge and experience, especially when it came to international market entry and fundraising.
???? Linking European and Ukrainian markets overnight, Blue Lake provides the 12-week program provides an initial investment of between £15,0000 ($19,000) and £30,000 ($39,000), and startup support that includes office space, workshops, and networking.
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Listen to the Made in Ukraine Tech Startup Edition podcast with David Gilgur by Mike Buryk:

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The Entrepreneur Helping Ukraine’s Startup Talent To Go Global

Ukraine has one of the largest numbers of highly qualified programmers in the world, but they face a shortage of investment, support, and scale-up know-how. Thanks to a new British Ukraine startup accelerator Blue Lake, they have an opportunity to become world-class companies.