[TechUkraine news] Among the world’s most valuable unicorns are companies with Ukrainian roots

[TechUkraine news?] Among the world’s most valuable unicorns by CB Insights are companies with ??Ukrainian roots: Revolut ($5,5 mln), TransferWise ($5 bln), GitLab ($2,7 bln), Grammarly ($1 bln), Bitfury ($1 bln).

?Let’s dig into some unicorn data:
 There are 488 unicorns globally, worth a combined $1.5T.
 The top 2 most valuable unicorns, tech conglomerate ByteDance and transportation platform Didi Chuxing, are based in China. ByteDance, worth a whopping $140B, is the only hectocorn in our graphic.
 More than half of the top 10 unicorns are based in the US, including Palantir and Airbnb, which have both announced plans to go public this year. India makes an appearance in the top 10 with payments platform Paytm.
 Fintech boasts 66 unicorns worth a combined $248B, while healthcare sports 46 unicorns worth $117B.
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