[TechDigest#5] Global opportunities for Ukrainian tech companies

[Tech Digest?]

In cooperation with Export Promotion Office/Офіс з Просування ЕкспортуTechUkraine represent #TechDigest#5 – global? opportunities for ??Ukrainian tech companies:

? Netherlands-Amsterdam: Software package and information systems
? Germany-Nuremberg: IT services: consulting, software development, Internet and support
? Lithuanian governmental organization is looking for a solution on how to create a school public health monitoring tool
? Netherlands-Winsum: Software package and information systems
? Partners for the testing of mobile robotic applications in industrial environments are sought
? Acceleration programme on industry 4.0 through an open innovation platform that connects startups with forefront companies in the advanced manufacturing, energy, healthcare and agri-food sectors.
? A Spanish football club is looking for smart solutions to harness the power of stadiums for the promotion of entrepreneurship in tourism
? Lithuanian governmental organization working in environmental protection is looking for a solution to match green products with green consumers
?Need help or more information? Please contact Export promotion team it@epo.org.ua
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