[Opportunity?] Marketing Tech program by Sector X Acceleration Platform


Sector X Acceleration Platform has started recruiting startups for the Marketing Tech program?

⚡️The program is open to startups working in the areas of digital and commercial marketing and marketing campaigns. In particular with such projects as:
?transparency of digital advertising and reduction of irrelevant traffic;
?automation of interaction with consumers at the stage of product testing and robotization of human efforts;
?transformation of voice into the text;
multi-channel communication with the consumer;
?interaction with the staff of remote outlets;
?reduction of illegal trade;
?product tracking, supply chain optimization;
?automation of tracking of trade equipment in points of sale.
⚡️In addition, there are four other areas in the Sector X acceleration hub — MedTech with Farmak, Logistics with Foxtrot, BeautyTech with L’Oreal Group and Entertainment Tech with Parimatch Tech and JKR Investment Group.