Mayak Innovatsiy: Dominique Piotet with Nataly Veremeyeva

Mayak Innovatsiy – podcast hosted by CEO of UNIT.City Dominique Piotet. Tech News & Tech dudes. From Ukraine to the world.

Mayak Innovatsiy_S.3_Episode#1_Nataly Veremeeva from TechUkraine

Nataly Veremeeva — Director at TechUkraine.Org, the Gate to Technological Ukraine. We were talking about Ukraine as a Wild East full of opportunities, about the pros & cons of launching a startup in Ukraine. Why the Founders of Ukrainian Unicorns often do not communicate proudly “made in Ukraine’? What else has to be done in Ukraine to have a Silicon Next Big Something? Who is in charge of that — government or people? What is an attitude to money and entrepreneurship in Ukraine? Why where are so many girls in Ukrainian IT-industry?

You will be shocked how many world companies have Ukrainian roots, but are in no hurry to talk about it. Nataly Veremeeva from TechUkraine names 3 reasons that led to this and explains why it is profitable for businesses to talk about their homeland.

The Mayak Innovatsiy podcast with Dominique PIOTETAndrei Komarovski, and Tatiana Morozova Skydan is back. Hurry up and listen!

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