From Preply to Reface: Key investments in the Ukrainian tech market in 2020

The article maps out the investments in the Ukrainian tech market in 2020. Take a look at the largest deals and keep an eye on the companies to follow, and invest in:

✅ A complete live streaming solution Restream – $50 mln
✅ Educational platform – $10 mln
✅ Contactless Pickup, Curbside & Dine‑In platform Allset – $8,25 mln
✅ An AI-powered app where people can swap faces in the videos and GIFs in just a few seconds Reface – $5,5 mln
✅ Parent-teacher communication platform ClassTag – $5 mln
✅ A service optimizing search and delivery of medicine – ліки без головного болю – $5 mln
✅ All-in-one home rental platform Rentberry – $4.5 mln
✅ The first person-based advertising platform that takes a smarter approach to B2B marketing Influ2 – $3.4 mln
✅ The UK’s first ‘challenger lenders’ Koto – $1,4 mln
✅ AI-first technology company that uses its patented mobile body scanning technology to turn online customers into fit data for fashion and it’s supply chain 3DLOOK – $1 mln

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От Preply до Reface. Главные инвестиции в украинские стартапы за 2020 год — итоги