Innovative&successful Ukrainians under 25: Valentyn Frechka, founder and CEO RE-leaf PAPER

The interview with Ukrainian young entrepreneur Valentyn Frechka, founder and CEO RE-leaf PAPER, production of pulp and paper from fallen leaves. This is a new, patented technology that will save forests from deforestation and enable the transition to alternative raw materials in the pulp and paper industry. Recently the project received investments by Ukrainian Startup Fund
Last year Valentyn was awarded by Kyiv Post 30 under 30 and in 2020 he was shortlisted in the Top Young IT Entrepreneurs and changemakers Of The Forbes Ukraine Under 30 2020.

Read the interview and discover:
? how and when Valentyn invented the technology;
? the first client and supporter (spoiler ВДНГ!);
? production in Ukraine and future plans;

The series of interviews with innovative successful businessmen under 25 by Mind. UA



Успішні до 25-ти: як на прогулянці лісом вигадати екотехнологію виготовлення паперу