[TechUkraine news] How Ukrainian tech companies digitilized national history

How Ukrainian tech companies digitilized national history and providing DepthKit, 3D, VR/AR, CAD, etc. services to preserve the heritage objects – long read by LIGA.net.

Key projects and players on the market:
⚡️ “Babyn Yar. Virtual memory” by Ukrainian VR/AR studio Sensorama Lab for Museum of Kyiv. The jury of the 20th Anniversary Edition of goEast Film Festival 2020 – Festival of Central and Eastern European Film presented an Honourable Mention to BABYN YAR, VIRTUAL MEMORY. Previously the team produced the project Chornobyl360.
⚡️ “Tustan” project by SoftServe R&D office in Kharkiv – a mobile AR app that allows seeing the real look of a medieval fortress that was located in the Ukrainian Carpathians but is now completely destroyed. The code is now publicly available, and anyone can use it to remodel other monuments in Ukraine and around the world.

⚡️ “Grains of Truth” by SoftServe – the crowdfunding platform, located online at zernapravdy.org, was set up by the International Foundation for the Development of the Holodomor Victims Memorial.
⚡️ Mounds of Belsk natural reserve by EverScan
⚡️ 3D-modeling of Babyn Yar for BABYN YAR Holocaust Memorial Center. Team of the project: Martin Dean (USA), former historian of the Metropolitan Police War Crimes Unit (Scotland Yard), Oleksandr Kruhlov, Ukrainian historian and historical advisor at the Memorial Center, and specialists from the Center for Spatial Tech, who reconstructed the historic landscape of the area in the 1940s using 3D computer modeling, cooperated closely in the research.