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Since the end of January, the audio and invite-only social media app Clubhouse became the hottest social app in the world and has turned its growth-hacking sights on the Ukrainian and European markets.

With big money investor backing and celebrity endorsements, especially with starts in tech (Elon Musk just rocked it a few days ago), Clubhouse conquers the attention of the trend-watchers.

Why is Clubhouse? The ambassadors say that it’s a solution to join the insightful channels, panels, and discussions, connect with experts directly.

We talked to Vlad Greziev, one of the initiators of the first Ukrainian club on Clubhouse – Ukrainian House on Clubhouse, founder of the Lobby X, and leader of TEDxKyiv, to find out why Clubhouse takes the world of mind by storm and why the new communication solution could be useful for Ukrainian tech entrepreneurs.

TechUkraine: Who and why is moving forward the Ukrainian show on the buzzing Clubhouse platform? Is it just an app for fun or a ‘new black’ channel for communication with TOP’s without borders?

Vlad Greziev: We founded the first Ukrainian club on Clubhouse – Ukrainian House with my friend Kateryna Mykhalko, a young entrepreneur and founder of startup Nuka, Nick Bilogorskiy, security office at Google, previously Facebook, angel investor. 

We’ve just repeatedly met weeks ago at Clubhouse, joined the room to discuss new social media and we joked that would be great to create the Ukrainian community here. This joke became reality (with over 2500+ members on the FB group). 

I don’t think Clubhouse is a ‘new black’. But I think it’s a new useful tool to have panel discussions, easy to engage people because it has social media features, register very fast, to pick the room with topics you would like to join

And the second value is the presents of the audience of the TOP’s of the startup world: entrepreneurs, investors. It feels like you could reach anybody in this field very quickly, to be in the same room and raise your hand and ask the question to such a people.

TechUkraine: How does the Ukrainian tech entrepreneurs representing the country globally on Clubhouse?

Vlad Greziev: At the moment we know that we launched only rooms with the aim to reach the Ukrainian community. We are growing and we engaging people in this way. We do plan to organize rooms in English to share our experience, our expertise in entrepreneurship globally with a community of Silicon Vally, Bay Area. But it will be in some future when we’ll get our approval of our community Ukrainian House on Clubhouse.

TechUkraine: Which tone of voice does the Ukrainian show?

Vlad Greziev: We are really friendly and I think it’s also the feature of Clubhouse to be open – it’s not formal, it’s not even a radio show. Of course, we invite people to speak about expertise and experience, so we put questions this way. At the same time, we are interested in the personality of our speakers and we could speak with them in an informal way: it brings us more closely to them using this drop-out audio panel discussion technology. Due to the community policies that restrict recording, we even say to officials that they represent not the official position of the institutions, government, or a state entity. They are independent over there, just a personality and we wanted them to feel free, speak honestly, open. During these 2 weeks, we hadn’t any provocation or rudeness in our conversations – it’s polite, friendly, and nice.

TechUkraine: What could you recommend for Ukrainian tech specialists to follow and listen to on Clubhouse? Why?

Vlad Greziev: I didn’t investigate a lot in Clubhouse, I do recommend use search because Clubhouse has a lot of different clubs, especially in tech. So you could follow the clubs, see the founders, famous personalities, etc to find out the events created by them directly.

TechUkraine: The best speakers and the most fruitful discussions via Ukrainian show (top 3 – key points)

Vlad Greziev: The best 4 – Dmytro Shymkiv, Kira Rudyk, Vladyslav Rashkovan, Mustafa Nayyem – the most listeners of the shows, most engaging audience due to the number of questions, it was interesting, duration more than 90 minutes because people want to speak more and more, and speakers also interested in.

But every headliner speaker has the attention of the audience.

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