[Opportunity] Webinar: How To Monetize a Website in 2021?

How To Monetize a Website in 2021? Free Webinar For Publishers by AdmixerВебінар: Як монетизувати сайт у 2021 році? Тренди, технології та можливості для паблішерів In 2021, the website and media owners will face the following challenges:
?the transfer of audience and advertising budgets into mobile apps
?the increasing share of the advertising market in walled gardens
?blocking cookies in Google Chrome
?work with the first-party user data. ?Key topics and speakers:

1️⃣Website monetization in 2021: key trends and challenges
Irina Overko, Chief Marketing Officer at Admixer Advertising
2️⃣Trends in practice: which technologies do publishers need in 2021?
Elena Podshuveit, Chief Products Officer at Admixer
3️⃣How will changes in user identification affect website monetization?
Ivan Fedorov, New Business Director at Admixer

4️⃣Monetizing content and news projects in 1+1 Digital: from sponsorship to adtech – Dmitry Panasyuk, Head of 1+1 Digital Sales, Vyacheslav Lavrinenko, Head of traffic in 1+1

5️⃣What an agency and a client need to work with a publisher effectively – Veronika Logvinovskaya, Digital Buying Director Amplifi Ukraine, Dentsu Aegis Network Ukraine

When: On February 17
Participation is free after registration