National survey “How to pitch Ukrainian Tech Industry?”

TechUkraine in partnership with UNIT.City and the Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine are launching a survey on “How to pitch Ukrainian Tech Industry?”

Ukrainian tech grew significantly over the last decades, but to make a new step we need to consolidate and jointly promote Ukraine as a tech location. Now every community and company finds their own facts, messages, and tone of voice to speak about Ukrainian Tech. However, there is no unified message, repeated in many ways and by many voices, that is truly strong. And this is what we need to succeed. 

TechUkraine, UNIT City, the Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine are taking the initiative to gather insights about UA Tech brand perception from wider audiences. Our first step is to run the survey below. After that, we’ll gather, analyze, and introduce the united narrative of Ukrainian tech for the public discussion.

Take 10 minutes to join the survey consisting of 10 questions – follow the links:

 in English 

 in Ukrainian

Thanks for your answers – let’s make Ukraine the leading tech nation, together!

Additional Information

TechUkraine is a platform based on the desire to strengthen the Ukrainian technological ecosystem and bring Ukraine into the leaders of technological countries in the world.

TechUkraine focuses on supporting Ukraine’s fast-growing tech ecosystem, driving the cooperation of ecosystem leaders, government officials, business partners, and donors to further support Tech and to spread the word.

UNIT.City is the first smart city dedicated to innovation in Ukraine. A place where ideas come to life thanks to an ecosystem, based on technology, education, creativity, investment, and partnerships, supported by a culture of collaboration, co-creation, and innovation. A city in a city that by 2025 will welcome more than 20,000 residents, both working and living in UNIT.City.  

The Ministry of Digital Transformation is a government ministry in Ukraine that was established on 29 August 2019 with the major projects of the “Country in a smartphone”. Key goals of the Ministry: increase the growth of the IT sector, improve its share of the economy, to increase the export of high-tech products and services from Ukraine. 

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