TechUkraine Changemakers: Rüdiger and Viktoriia von Rosen, Digital BridgeBuilders (DBB)

Meet the founders of Digital BridgeBuilders (DBB): Rüdiger and Viktoriia von Rosen

Why DBB is interested to cooperate with Ukrainian IT-experts?

After the industrial revolution more than a hundred years ago we are moving faster than ever into a new, digital revolution. This is already changing our lives in nearly all dimensions and areas of education, research, production, and services. To meet these challenges we have to look for resources worldwide. With its deep understanding of mathematics and natural sciences, Ukraine is a natural partner.

What is the purpose of DBB?

When we founded DBB in Sept.2020 in Germany, in Frankfurt am Main, we had the vision to bring together the remarkable IT-potential of one side with the growing demand for IT-services in Germany. Our plan is to create a win-win situation for both partners. Our name is our program.

In which areas do you see the best opportunities?

We are well aware that to build up long-term and successful business relations we need time and trust between potential partners. So, we plan more in years than in months. There are barriers in legal systems, in compliance, and perhaps even in language understanding. A number of small and midsize companies in Germany might understand business English but prefer on the working level a German-speaking counterpart in Ukraine. Of course, a subsidiary in one of the EU-countries might be helpful as well. 

How much are your activities affected by the present pandemic?

No doubt, COVID has complicated our start but does not mean a total lockdown. Modern communication by zoom or phone is possible and a functioning alternative to face-to-face meetings.

Already in October 2020, we had a successful Zoom Conference with TechUkraine, GIZ Ukraine, Wirtschaftsrat, and five IT companies from Ukraine. There will be more. 
This means it is far better than nothing. Building up a network on both sides needs a lot of effort, engagement, and time. But we are full of confidence to move forward.

Also, we have several projects in Ukraine in academic and business areas. Only in cooperation ly the future of innovative business.


Digital BridgeBuilders founders: 

Prof. Dr. Rüdiger von Rosen (Honorary Professor Goethe-University, Diploma in Banking, Honorary Consul of Latvia), Management Consultant

  • 40 years of global experience in Organized Capital Markets.
  • Former CEO of Frankfurter Wertpapierbörse/Deutsche Börse AG.
  • 12 years CXO roles in Central Banking (Deutsche Bundesbank).
  • CEO of the Deutsches Aktieninstitut (lobby organization for listed companies in Germany) for more than 15 years.

Dr. Viktoriia von Rosen (Diploma in Finance, Ph.D. in Banking & Finance), International Academic&Business Projects Consultant

  • More than 20 years experience in Academic Lecturing in
    Corporate Finance, Financial Markets, and Institutions.
  • 8 years experience in Banking, Telecommunication, and Commerce.
  • 6 years experience in CXO roles in the National Depository of Ukraine.
  • Last year in Frankfurt as Project Manager.

Our co-founders are Ulrich Meister (Diploma in Mathematics), Executive Partner LeapFrog Consulting, and Liane Meister-Friedrich (BA, MBA), Executive Partner LeapFrog Consulting.  

The core activity of Digital BridgeBuilders:

  • In the scope: Market development in the area of the IT digitization business industry based on existing and proven products and/or services (including track records and references).
  • Out of scope: Analysis if or why Germany as a target market for further development should be pursued or not. This decision needs to be made beforehand. 
  • Strategic decisions and their realization presuppose management attention on the board level as well as company resources for execution. 
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