[TechUkraine report] Ukrainian fintech catalog 2020

Ukrainian Association of Fintech and Innovation Companies presents the Ukrainian fintech catalog 2020 that consists of an overview of Ukrainian fintech, industry statistics, expert opinions, fintech trends, and the impact of COVID-19 on the market.

✅Despite stagnation in other areas due to COVID-19, Fintech has maintained its position. During 2019, the list grew by 10 Fintech companies, and in 2020 — by 2 companies, while globally the number of representatives of the Fintech sector are decreasing due to the pandemic.

✅By December 2020, there were about 150 companies in Ukraine, 30 of which were not public.
✅Significant growth (43%) was shown by the relatively new Ukraine LegalTech industry (technologies in legal activity). This is due to the general need to digitalize legal services and move them online.

✅During 2020, there was a boom in Ukrainian neobanks, sportbank started taking customers, O.Bank was launched, izibank is in beta testing and the announced exit of Neobank (from Конкорд Банк / Concord bank) is announced.

✅The icebreaker in the field of neobanks of Ukraine was Monobank that has more than 3 million users now.

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The catalog was prepared and released with the support of the Ministry of Digital Transformation, the National Bank of Ukraine, Visa and the Ukrainian Startup Fund