[Tech Digest#10] Global opportunities for Ukrainian tech companies

In cooperation with Export Promotion Office TechUkraine represents #TechDigest#10 – global opportunities for Ukrainian tech companies.

  • UK company seeking technical expertise for online virtual tourism and education platform through a joint venture agreement: https://cutt.ly/McUV2ky
  • French healthtech SME is seeking a healthcare software company to technically build up a comprehensive digital solution: https://cutt.ly/7cUBFio
  • A German startup is looking for pilot testers for their automated office furniture for a personalized desk sharing experience under services agreement: https://cutt.ly/qcU2Ob7
  • Belgium-Tournai: Financial analysis and accounting software package: https://cutt.ly/ocUCvXn
  • Poland-Warsaw: Data services: https://cutt.ly/McUC8uq
  • France-Angers: Software package and information systems: https://cutt.ly/UcUVz49
  • Romanian digital services agency is looking for partners under outsourcing and subcontracting agreements: https://cutt.ly/lcUBWrg
  • UK company is seeking AI and cyber-security researchers and business end-users to test/validate a new runtime authorisation tool for fine-tuning access control: https://cutt.ly/hcU2zpp
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