[TechUkraine news] Ukrainian DB Aerocopter from Poltava produces the best 2-seat helicopter in the world

Did you know that Ukraine produces the most maneuverable helicopters in the world?

Meet Ukrainian DB Aerocopter Ltd from Poltava – a helicopter design bureau and manufacturing company that produces helicopters for flight training, crop spray, cattle mustering, and sport aviation!

The flagman of the DB Aerocopter is the 2 seat piston ship AK1-3. Light utility helicopter/kit.

According to the technical and design features, the AK1-3 helicopter is the best 2-seat helicopter globally:

  • 53” Roomy cabin – best in Class;
  • Flex Bar bearing-less Main Rotor Head;
  • Composite Main Rotor and Tail Rotor blades with a non-linear twist;
  • Three easily attachable/detachable blades. 15mins / two persons;
  • Excellent controllability, flight stability, manoeuvrability, and low vibration;
  • Easy start-up and shut down of the smooth engine. No mixture control or priming of the engine to start;
  • The excellent power to weight. AK1-3 out-climbs the 300CBi by 500ft/min with two persons on board.
Aerocopter AK1-3 found its owners in 17 countries, including Austria, Italy, Canada, China, Korea, United Arab Emirates, Russia, Sudan, France, South Africa, etc.

Take a look at this amazing video: