Mayak Innovatsiy: Dominique Piotet with Mark Patchett, Growth Shop

Mayak Innovatsiy – a podcast hosted by the CEO of UNIT.City Dominique Piotet. Tech News & Tech dudes. From Ukraine to the world.

Mayak Innovatsiy, Season#4_Episode#6, Mark Patchett – Founder of Growth Shop

Mark Patchett is an e-commerce Entrepreneur and Founder of Growth Shop, an international marketing agency and one of the fastest-growing e-commerce companies in the world. In less than 2 years, GS has grown by more than $ 1 billion. The company’s offices are based in the UK, Ukraine and Vietnam.

We’ve been talking about e-commerce. How does it work? What are the key components of growing a company online? Why Tik Tok is cool, and how to use it?

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This episode was ZOOMed. Thanks for the sound engineering of the podcast to Masterskaya.Space and especially to Pasha Cecetov.

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