[TechUkraine news] Aeromeh manufactures innovative grain cleaning equipment for companies in 30 countries worldwide

Besides Ukraine is well-known as the breadbasket of Europe, national companies with talented engineers produce unique, innovative solutions for farmers and agro operators worldwide!

Meet Aeromeh Ltd – one of the major specialized plants for the production of advanced equipment for cleaning and calibration of grain produced only in Ukraine.

Since 2001 innovative enterprise based in Kreminna, Luhansk region, eastern Ukraine, develops and manufactures the grain cleaning equipment for both small farms and the largest grain traders, grain-processing companies, bread-baking plants, grain elevators, breeding stations, seed plants, mills, flour factories, shortening plants, oil-extracting plants, alcohol plants, breweries, food industry companies in 30 countries worldwide: the USA, Canada, EU, Australia, Algeria, Brasil, India, Kazakhstan, Indonesia, and many others. 

Aerodynamic separators CAD uses the technology of highly accurate calibration according to the specific gravity, which makes it possible to pick out biologically valuable seed material that gives up to 40% of crop increase.

  • The fourth generation of GRAIN Separator CAD from AEROMEH is equipped with the remote control panel (tablet) that greatly simplified all operations. 
  • To understand the problems of farmers, Aeromeh provides laborious research and scientific experiments in the field of engineering and agronomy on its own R&D facilities and Pogorelov Institute, Odesa selection-genetic Institute, Luhansk, and Sumy Agrarian University.
  • The company owns more than 65 patents for inventions, including international; therefore, CAD separators are unique and received such vast applications worldwide.

Last year Aeromeh won the all-Ukrainian contest “Invention of the Year 2020” by the Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, which determined the best inventions and developments for the last 5 years. The company’s invention “The separation method with additional purification of grain material and the aerodynamic separator CAD for its implementation” (patent 116073) became an unprecedented leader in the nomination “AIC Technologies”.

Grain CAD-separators works in 4 modes:

  • Preliminary seed-cleaning;
  • Primary seed-cleaning;
  • Secondary seed-cleaning;
  • Calibrating of seeds by their specific weight.

CAD separators stand in the leading position on the market of agricultural equipment for improving grain globally!

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