[TechUkraine news] Max Polyakov has acquired Dragonfly Aerospace

The Ukrainian SpaceTech entrepreneur Max Polyakov has acquired the South African manufacturer of small satellites Dragonfly Aerospace. The deal gives Polyakov an anchorpoint in the booming but fiercely competitive market for small-satellite technology, and a potential revenue source for rocket maker Firefly Aerospace, which is majority-owned by Polyakov’s Noosphere Venture Partners investment fund, Firefly Aerospace Ukraine based in Dnipro.

Max Polyakov: “This deal gives us cost-control and mass production of components. It allows us to bring everything in-house. Dragonfly’s satellites could launch on Firefly’s Alpha rocket, which could potentially debut before the end of June.”

Firefly, U.S.-New Zealand startup Rocket Lab and billionaire British entrepreneur Richard Branson’s Virgin Orbit are front-runners in a long list of small-launch providers seeking to cash in on the small satellite trend.

via Reuters


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