[TechUkraine&GIZ – UAmachinery] Aeroprakt – the global leader of light aircraft manufacturers

Did you know that one of the global leaders of light aircraft manufacturers based in the Kyiv region?
Meet Aeroprakt! Founded in 1991 by aircraft designers Yuriy Yakovlev and Oleg Litovchenko, engineer professionals with the background of the well-known Antonov Design Bureau, today Aeroprakt company is a widely-known enterprise and serial production of ultralight aircraft of various modifications. Being the top 3 world-class manufacturers that build light aircraft, the company already constructed more than 1200 projects.  

Developing a wide distribution network in the CIS and abroad, AEROPRAKT aircraft delivered to 50 countries in Europe, Asia, North and South America. The most frequent destination is Australia – more than 200 aircrafts are flying under the continent with the brand #MadeInUkraine. 

The Aeroprakt team consists of 50 highly skilled specialists with extensive experience in aerospace technologies, instrumentation engineering, radio-electronic, etc., which acquired knowledge within the key Ukrainian engineering R&D centers like ANTONOV company, Quasar plant, Tochelectropribor plant, and DP KWAZAR. Besides the core staff, Aerokraft also cooperates with 10 experts in the aircraft building field that help to develop the full cycle of modern aircraft creation: from pre-project scientific research to construction, tests, certification, serial production, and after-sale maintenance.

The main technological processes for the manufacture of Aeroprakt aircraft are concentrated on their own facilities. Prospective research and development of special modifications of the base models are underway: aerial photographs and amphibious aircraft were tested and “went into series.” Few words about the technological process:

  • The computer control panel runs the company’s facilities of processing centers.
  • The aircraft is set up detail by detail; it’s sophisticated engineering hand-made work.
  • The team uses aluminum, fiberglass, and various plastics, American nuts and bolts, Austrian engines, and French cloth on the airplane wings for the best aerodynamics features within airplane production.

The benchmarks of mass production of the company – technical data & performance:

  • A-22LS – two-seat aircraft, the high-wing airplane with non-retractable gear legs and nose support designed to perform visual flights in simple weather conditions.
  • Equipped with powerplant Rotax-912 ULS / Rotax-912 iS with 100 hp. 
  • Has two versions of a control system – the central stick and control yokes. 
  • A wide range of additional options – floats installation, including amphibious, a towing clutch, a metal luggage compartment with a side door. 
  • Individual dashboard design, the possibility of installing equipment from leading manufacturers – Dynon, Garmin, Kanardia. Reliable, safe, and time-tested aircraft.
  1. A-32 – single-engine, two-seat LSA aircraft designed as a development of the successful A-22LS model with improved aerodynamic and ergonomic characteristics.
  • Classic LSA with a pulling propeller. 
  • Powerplant is Rotax-912 ULS 100 hp. 
  • Two versions of a control system – the central stick and control yokes.
  • Ergonomic cockpit design performs easy access to the luggage compartment and convenient compartments for storage. 
  • Individual dashboard design, the possibility of installing equipment from leading manufacturers – Dynon, Garmin, Kanardia. 
  • Combines easy operation with the comfort of a car.

The company also has the Kyiv club “Aeroprakt,” organized in 1986 by Yuri Yakovlev and based in Nalyvaykivka aerodrome, Makarivsky district of Kyiv region. It’s the first private airport in Ukraine with a hangar that could hold around 20 aircraft simultaneously.