[TechUkraine&GIZ – UAmachinery] Tatra-Yug produces hi-tech, energy saving and environmentally friendly trams

Do you know that Ukraine produces hi-tech, environmentally friendly trams?

Meet Tatra-Yug! Founded in 1923, Tatra-Yug is the unique Ukrainian tramcar, light rail vehicle, and streetcar producer. Technical, ergonomic and design parameters are in line with international best practice.

Tramcars are produced custom-made, taking into account all customer requirements, climate, conditions of maintenance, and other relevant characteristics.

For decades, the company saved the leadership position among manufacturers of trams in Eastern Europe, being a fully Ukrainian manufacturer. The localization of production is up to 95%.

Having production facilities in Odesa and Dnipro, the company claims it offers several advantages:
  • energy saving — the trams consume 46% less electricity than the competition;
  • environmental friendliness — the trams do not pollute the environment, which is extremely important for large cities and industrial centers, especially at such a substantial increase in respiratory diseases among the population of Ukraine.
Trams by Tatra-Yug:
  1. K-1T tramcar comprises all benefits of technological progress in one 100% low-floor tramcar.
  2. K-1E6 – a high-floor tramcar, which consists of two sections, joined by a swivel below, with three bogies and three double doors, designed and manufactured in accordance with individual requirements of the buyer.
  3. K-1M6 – low-floor tram, comfortable to carry up to 267 passengers. Intelligent and spacious interior creates the most comfortable conditions for passengers. The wagon is equipped with seats for wheelchair passengers, for accommodating passengers with disabilities. The tram is equipped with air conditioning
  4. K-1M8 – three-section single direction tramcar with a partially low-floor area. The sections of the car are connected by hinged devices mounted on the undercarriage.
  5. K-1 The car body has steel — welded structure, made of bent profiles with an outside steel casing.
  6. K-1M – the car body is made of the welded unitary construction, bent profiles with outside steel casing, and composite materials. The framework and the body lining are protected against corrosion and coated with a noise reduction compound.
In August 2020, Tatra-Yug won the tender and delivered 17 low-floor light rail vehicles (27-metre-long low-floor trams of K1-T206 series) to the Romanian city of Craiova. Craiova will become the second foreign city after Alexandria, Egypt where the trams of the Tatra-Yug have already run, delivered in December 2020. Trams for Alexandria, two sections and a length of 22 metres, were designed according to the individual requirements of the buyer to be adapted to the special features of the city infrastructure and climatic conditions.
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