Mayak Innovatsiy: Dominique Piotet with Mark Sawchuk, L’Oréal Ukraine, and Adam Golovenko,

Mayak Innovatsiy – a podcast hosted by the CEO of UNIT.City Dominique Piotet. Tech News & Tech dudes. From Ukraine to the world.

Mayak Innovatsiy, Season#4_Episode#8, Mark Sawchuk, CEO of L’Oréal Ukraine, and Adam Golovenko, founder of logistics startup

This episode aims to bridge the gap between large corporations and startups and show how they collaborate. On behalf of the corporation is Mark Sawchuk, Country Manager at L’Oreal Ukraine. Startups are represented by Adam Golovenko, Founder of Supplio, a platform that integrates suppliers and beauty salons into a single system. We were talking about innovations in the beauty industry and the ideas startups bring to traditional businesses.

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This episode was Zoomed due to quarantine restrictions. Thanks for the sound engineering of the podcast to Masterskaya.Space and especially to Pasha Cecetov.

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