Ajax presents new products and announces scaling overseas

Today, on May 20, we visited the second Special Event by Ajax Systems where the company showcased new devices, software developments, and expansion plans.

The company’s CEO, CMO, and international sales team leaders presented new additions to the outdoor detector lineup, a flagship keypad, new software, and online tools for security systems professionals. Let’s discover details!

A sneak peek at Ajax Systems’ R&D and new markets

Aleksandr Konotopskyi, Ajax Systems CEO, announced opening the US, Canada, Australia, Latin America, and Southeast Asia markets. With FCC and IC certificates receiving, Ajax will now be present wherever the 915 MHz frequency band is used. In addition, the Ajax product line has completed trials for India. From now on, partners can join the distribution and integration of Ajax products into new markets.

We adapted the hardware, re-invented radio technologies, expanded the software’s capabilities at all levels, and conducted testing. Entering new markets results from a lot of work done by a team of 300 Ajax developers. People from all over the world join our team every day. We see our future in diversity. We are looking for people in France, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Sweden, Norway. And soon there will be vacancies in several other countries.


New products and software

DualCurtain Outdoor: Protected perimeter of your property

To provide users with fast and accurate early intrusion detection, DualCurtain Outdoor was developed, a wireless outdoor motion detector that guards a property perimeter. The device combines two curtain motion detectors directed in opposite directions. DualCurtain Outdoor has an unprecedented detection range of 30 meters and features Ajax patented technologies.

KeyPad Plus: Contactless system control without compromise on reliability

In order to make security system management as simple as possible, contactless identification function was integrated into a keypad. The new wireless KeyPad Plus supports encrypted access devices: Ajax Pass and its compact version Tag. To change the security mode, a user just needs to present an access device to KeyPad Plus. These devices are equipped with an original DESFire® chip. It is a best-in-class contactless identification technology used by transport systems in European capitals and NASA access systems.

MotionCam Outdoor: Photo verification of alarms for outdoor security

Photo verification becomes a new norm in the security industry. This practical way of countering false alarms helps security companies and police significantly reduce unnecessary patrol dispatches. The new wireless outdoor motion detector with a camera — MotionCam Outdoor — recognizes a threat instantly and sends an animated series of photos in any weather, day or night.

Online tools for PROs: Battery life calculator & Guide on Jeweller

To help security professionals plan service visits to clients for years to come, a battery life calculator was released for Ajax devices. It provides installers with an estimate of how long the pre-installed batteries will work under specified parameters and when it is time to replace them. To assist installers in work and evaluate the reliability of radio communications considering the parameters of a premise, Ajax Systems also released a guide on Jeweller, the proprietary Ajax radio communication technology. The guide consists of a handbook explaining the impact of materials on the Jeweller range and the calculator assessing its reliability. No rocket science! Everything is written in a comprehensive language and clearly illustrated.

PRO Desktop 3.0: Maintenance and monitoring of Ajax systems in one app

Ajax software has evolved along with the needs of the security industry. The new PRO Desktop 3.0 has combined tools for connecting, maintaining, and monitoring Ajax security systems in one PC app. Professionals will appreciate seamless connection and remote configuration of devices, flexible role arrangement and detailed event logs for employee control, built-in photo verification of alarms and support for the mobile panic button.

Recently Ajax Systems opened two new R&D centers in Ukraine and one more plant, doubling the production capacity. The company entered 25 new markets, formed eight local offices, and grew into a multinational team of 1,800 employees.

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