[Opportunity] Kyiv Legal Hackers will hold the event about deepfake technology

Kyiv Legal Hackers will hold the event Deepfake або як довіряти своїм очам і вухам? on the topic of Deepfake technology to dive deeper with experts into why it’s so popular and whether there are any regulations.

When and where?
We will meet on Wednesday, May 26, at 17:00.
There will be online broadcasts on Facebook and YouTube pages of Kyiv Legal Hackers.

?Elizaveta Aleksiuk — EdEra lawyer, media law expert, knows how to understand Deepfake;
?Oleksandr Melnyk — advisor at Vasil Kisil & Partners, an expert on IT business, e-commerce, personal data protection, labor law, and media;
?Oleksandr Serdiuk — founder and CEO at Respeecher;
?Denis Beregovy — partner in partner in Axon Partners, an expert on technology business in Ukraine and abroad, IP protection, and monetization.

The conversation will be moderated by Dmytro Dima Foremnyi, Director of Lingo (Legal Innovations NGO), Head of HiiL Innovation Hub Ukraine, and Ilarion Tomarov, Head of IP Practice at Vasil Kisil & Partners.

How to join?
Participation is free via chatbot https://bit.ly/LegalInnovator.