[TechUkraine news] Ericsson launched the first in Ukraine 4G/5G demo center

Ericsson Ukraine has launched the first in ??Ukraine demo center of the corporate networks 4G/5G based in the company’s office in Kyiv to demonstrate scenarios for the use of fifth-generation mobile networks for the digitalization of various industries.

The main elements of 4G and 5G networks, an autonomous dedicated 5G network, which includes a small core, Router 6000 for IP connectivity, and a radio access system using Ericsson Radio Dot System have been installed and fully integrated into the demo center.

According to the company, the center is open for the following purposes:

  • demonstration of scenarios for using a dedicated 5G technological network, such as remote support, monitoring, and control of the production process using continuous streaming of 360 video data in real-time between objects;
  •  piloting of voice services of critical communication systems (Mission-Critical Push-to-Talk) and demonstration of the work of the dispatch center, which monitors and controls the high priority emergency communication system;
  • demonstration of the technological features of the fifth-generation networks for mobile operators: network segmentation, high-speed data transmission, low latency;
  •  creation of a platform for piloting new developments and products using 5G modems for high-speed data transmission.