[TechUkraine&GIZ – UAcreativeindustries] Ukrainian visual-centered studio Areyes produced futuristic Posthuman Island

Interactive exhibitions, digital dramas, the fantastic and futuristic world implemented by tech solutions. What does it look like?

Meet Areyes Studio – Ukrainian visual-centered studio which focused on creative technology and creating a new format of visual communication by using augmented reality. The team is the official partner of Facebook Spark AR. The program which created for the top 100 AR creators in the world.

Core services of the studio:

  • Social AR
  • 3D & Animation
  • Mobile & Web AR

In cooperation with Cultural Policy, an e-curatorial agency focused on encouraging critical thinking, empathy, and blurring the lines of reality through global collaborative projects and research practices, Areyes Studio produced Posthuman Island and presented in partnership with Gray Area and New York-based platform FELT Zine.

Posthuman Island is an interactive exhibition and digital drama about a secret study on future adaptations. The show comprises 20 visual artworks (video, still images, gifs) by artists from the USA, Ukraine, South Korea, England, and Germany, 5 original audio compositions, and an accompanying narrative story that interweaves it together. 

  • Posthuman Island is a virtual research center on an island in the Philippines set in a futuristic world showcasing five transformed humans in 2060. The project speculates the evolution of human biology and psychology under the influence of AI. 
  • Each posthuman has a detailed bio and diary documenting their time in isolated rooms with unlimited access to outside information. 
  • The exhibition explores themes of our potential physical and mental adaptations coinciding with impending technology. What are we as humans taking with us into the future? 
  • The creatures presented are fusions of their digital creators, whose artworks dig into techno-cultural investigations on the embodiment, psychology, and biopolitics.


“It’s amazing to watch how artists and creators from different parts of the world could combine their vision and skills together for the project. Our team have been done a great job tough create the unique digital environment which helps develop critical thinking and empathy through the interaction of art merging with technology”  –  Ivan Pavliuchenko, project coordinator,  Managing Partner of Areyes Studio

“We started working on Posthuman Island last May, in the middle of the pandemic. The main idea was to fantasize about our potential physical and mental adaptations coinciding with near-future technology. We wrote a speculative story about a research center on an island in the Philippines.  There are a lot of hidden “candies” on the island. For example, there’s the ‘offline tree’ that gives you an opportunity to spend 5 minutes offline, wiki links that lead you to various endangered species, and audio diaries from 6 visual artists. Ultimately the experience poses the question “What should we, humans, take with us into the future?” –  Alice Scope, curator, founder of Cultural Policy

Areyes Studio works with global brands like Sony, Ford Motor Company, European Cultural Academy, Selfridges, Taco Bell, realme, L’Oréal Paris, etc.