[TechUkraine&GIZ – UAcreativeindustries] Startup pitches within Music Tech Weekend

Today Sector X Acceleration Platform in partnership with Masterskaya and UNIT.City launched the first day of the music hackathon – Music Tech Weekend. The aim of the event is to search and develop tech solutions in the musical and cultural spheres, adapt to new technological realities and tests of the pandemic period.

The main directions of the hackathon:

  • music streaming and live concerts
  • AI and Big Data for music
  • AR/VR, entertainment
  • User experience, recommendations, and personalization
  • Q-commerce
  • IoT and hardware

Let’s discover who and what pitched today, will keep working and present the final projects tomorrow:

MANNA – interactive media platform for creating 3D animation content, streaming, and social interaction in a VR environment. 

Djooky – an artist-focussed digital ecosystem that brings together the marketplace DjookyX and Djooky Music Awards, the world’s largest app-driven song contest enhanced by HitHunter functionality for music fans that encourages them to identify potential future hits. DjookyX as a part of this ecosystem is a music investment and trading platform, a marketplace where grassroots artists can sell intellectual property (IP) rights in their music to fans and investors.

Wantent – Engagement Efficiency Software, a unique engagement efficiency solution, tracks audience reactions and emotional states, estimates their attitude and engagement level into the content, and provides recommendations to improve it. The project is powered by the team of AI-startup Watched that has previously attracted $450,000 from the Ukrainian venture fund QPDigital.

Copra Hi-End Sound Systems – Ukrainian manufacture of premium acoustic systems made of two completely different materials – polymer-impregnated concrete and coconut shell endocarp (protected by patents). It’s the groundbreaking tool in the world of sound architecture – a first-of-its-kind acoustic system that generates a high-quality diffuse sound flied. The team wants to develop the product line.

Sample Ocean quality free & paid drum kits & sample packs. In the future – a gamification portal for beatmakers with loot-box opening mechanics applied to music samples.

LabelsBasestructured database of record labels and their related information.

thepick – social media for searching music via recommendations of influencers and friends.

Potopmag/ПОТОП team develops the e-commerce marketplace for music merch, vinyl, books, instruments, etc 

Jamspot – stationary speaker for outdoor active spaces like basketball courts, skateparks, and all places, where background music has always been a vital ingredient.

Music sharing platform/app – a solution that allows to search and easily shares songs or playlists without binding to a specific streaming service, create a playlist in one click in multiple streaming services, unified playlists “Favorites”.

Kyiv Contemporary Music Days team, educational concert platform of contemporary classical music, with the project “Researching White” – create and develop the new form of production and distribution of classic music online and offline. The team aims to create cinema concerts of chamber pieces to impress the audience with a new level of experience.

Cool ideas, great pitches, insightful comments by mentors – good luck to all teams tomorrow during demo day!

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