Mayak Innovatsiy: Dominique Piotet with Vadim Rogovsky, 3DLOOK

Mayak Innovatsiy – a podcast hosted by the CEO of UNIT.City Dominique Piotet. Tech News & Tech dudes. From Ukraine to the world.

Mayak Innovatsiy, Season#4_Episode#12, Vadim Rogovsky from 3DLOOK

Vadim Rogovsky is CEO & Co-Founder at 3DLOOK which is transforming fashion retail and manufacturing industries by providing contactless real-time body measurements and size recommendations to end consumers. Raised money from some of the most prominent investors – 500 Startups, Boost VC, Natalia Vodianova, and received the LVMH Innovation Award.

We were talking about 3D scanning technology, the future of fashion, trends in retail and consumer behavior, and sweatpants as a world trend.

Thanks for the sound engineering of the podcast to Masterskaya.Space and especially to Pasha Cecetov.

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