Lenna Koszarny for Business Ukraine magazine: Investing in Ukraine

Lenna Koszarny, Founding Partner and Chief Executive Officer at Horizon Capital and Chair of the Board of Directors at the American Chamber of Commerce in Ukraine, told Business Ukraine magazine why today’s Ukraine is a ground-floor investment opportunity powered by “brains, hands, and grains.”

“Of course, the most important advantage that Ukraine has is its talented people. From our vantage point, this means the visionary entrepreneurs that lead the success stories making headlines globally. These include Jooble founders Roman Prokofiev and Yevgeniy Sobakarev, who built the number two job aggregator in the world, second only to Indeed; Oleksander Konotopskiy of Ajax, the home security systems manufacturer shipping to over 90 counties; Vladimir Mnogoletniy, of Genesis, a venture builder which has launched Jiji, the dominant online marketplace in six African territories, and also BetterMe, one of the fastest-growing health and fitness apps in the world led by Victoria Repa, and many others.”

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Investing in Ukraine