[TechUkraine news] Ukrainian MedTech device Cardio.AI is already in medical centers

Ukrainian MedTech startup Cardio.AI by XOresearch, a company focused on providing deep learning technology to Healthcare, announced the release of the device in Ukrainian medical centers.

Cardio.AI is a three-in-one solution:

  1. productivity tool for clinical diagnosis,
  2. remote patient monitoring,
  3. off-the-shelf software for digital health devices and applications.

CardioAI® provides accurate and detailed annotation of stress, rest, and Holter electrocardiograms according to HL7® aECG standard. Benefiting from a deep learning approach, the software detects a wide range of cardiac events that are constantly updating. The powerful platform makes the interpretation of electrocardiograms lightning fast, and even quicker to adapt to new opportunities. The software uses current assets such as existing ECG recorders and infrastructure, and can significantly improve their performance.