[Opportunity] Demo Day by Innovation Startup Entrepreneurship & Ukrainian Startup Fund

On Saturday ISE – Innovation Startup Entrepreneurship with the support of the Ukrainian Startup Fund invites you to join the first offline Demo Day of this year: public pitches of startups-graduates of the accelerator, which will demonstrate their success on the outcome of an intensive training program.

When: 31.07, from 1 p.m. till 6 p.m.
Where: Kyiv, UNIT.City, B8

It will be useful for everyone who is interested in startups, quality networking and cooperation with corporations – let’s discover who participate:

  • AR Warriors – augmented reality shooter, focused on health improvement and socialization.
  • IBeauty – an online booking service in the field of beauty and cosmetology.
  • EluPay – complex of hardware and software solutions that allows the owners of any kinds of vending machines to organize the acceptance of non-cash payments (Visa, MasterCard, etc.) quickly and profitably.
  • Bifazyk+ automatic external defibrillator.
  • Trustlife. Life insurance in your smartphone.
  • БОСІ- creation and development of the Ukrainian brand of barefoot shoes.
  • Copra Hi-End Sound Systems – home speaker system that the user can adapt to the room while maintaining sound quality and sound stage – parameters that audiophiles are looking for.
  • Revizion – improving the quality of the service in small, medium and large businesses by conducting and setting up evaluation mechanisms from clients.
  • GeoDesign.info – an analytical online business service that provides information on the benefits and risks of opening a store/cafe/hairdresser or other location-based business.
  • OSBB Online – a platform for communication, decision-making, reporting between management companies and residents and receiving additional services from external suppliers for residents.
  • Oranta – arterial oscilography methods for more complete information from one blood pressure measurement, which helps to create for the doctor new medical imaging technology and monitoring of the cardiovascular system for the early diagnosis of disorders of its operation.
  • BIOC – Nano polymerization technology that allows the binding of starch at the molecular level to produce the biocompound (or bioplastics) with high physico mechanical properties.
  • Fieldbi – a comprehensive analytical and expert system that will help improve the performance of solutions for all market holders.
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