[TechUkraine news] Ukrainian AI startup Livee secures $250k pre-seed funding

AI startup Livee—who automates the sales of interior landscaping and measures its impact on employee productivity—has raised a $250,000 round of investment from the startup studio Greenpact Future Labs. The raised investment will be used to enter the US market (marketing and sales) and to automate the onboarding process.

Why it’s important

COVID-19 created the “Corporate Productivity Gap” which is where many organizations experienced a sharp decline in corporate productivity. To prevent further loss of talent and reduced profits, companies are actively looking for effective solutions. This includes experimenting with office redesign and rethinking the role of spaces in the workflow. 

It’s becoming clear that offices should become a social anchor for teams—a place where spontaneous innovations can arise in the process of interaction, and not just routine work.

Livee helps companies take full advantage of biophilic design, which is not only an aesthetic function, but also to improve the physical and psychological condition of those who interact with it. Thanks to the Happiness Impact methodology, the founders of the startup are able to calculate the impact of indoor plants on various indicators, including corporate productivity. As a result, it can be used as ROI on the budget invested in interior landscaping.


Thanks to the recommended Machine Learning algorithms and computer vision system, Livee offers customers a ready-made concept for their workspace transformation in just 10 minutes. This takes into account both business goals and projected changes in employee well-being.

Currently, the team’s goal is to partner with landscaping companies, who Livee allows to work more efficiently through automation:

“Algorithms of our recommendation system are already in 72% of cases not inferior in quality to the proposed concept to full-time designers. At the same time, they work 10 times faster and more efficiently. Our medium-term goal is to cover up to 90% of the routine work of designers and sales managers in the industry of landscaping of commercial premises,” says Nick Havryliak, CEO and co-founder of Livee.

The Livee team has been working on the product since the end of 2020 and has achieved their first customer in Europe. The startup team is focused on the $10 billion US market with thousands of potential customers.