[TechUkraine proud] Yaroslav Azhnyuk and Dima Shvets represent tech at the Independent 30 project

Happy 30th Independence Day!

The Independent 30 project reveals the formation and development of the modern Ukrainian nation through the stories of famous Ukrainians.

  • These are people who make Ukraine unique, strong and globally recognisable through their work, civic positions and public authority.
  • Among them are scientists and cultural figures, businesspeople and social activists, journalists and sportspeople, as well as soldiers and medics from different parts of Ukraine.
  • Every hero and heroine of the project has chosen one object that symbolises independent Ukraine for them, and spoke to us about its symbolic meaning through their own personal and professional path.
  • Tech industry is represented by well-known Yaroslav Azhnyuk, Petcube, and Dima Shvets, Reface.



Read all stories: https://lnkd.in/eNDqtPQV