[TechUkraine news] U Tomorrow Summit: R&D in Ukraine

R&D in Ukraine – a trend of opening new development centers by international tech giants!
  • For the last half-year international tech giants continue to open the R&Ds in Ukraine, some of them: BlaBlaCar, Glovo, Globality, Lyft, CognitOps.
  • Even now Ukraine is home to more than 110 R&D centers for global tech giants including Microsoft, Samsung Electronics, Apple, Skype, IBM, The Boeing Company, Ericsson, Siemens, Oracle, Magento, Wargaming.net League, and Ubisoft just to name a few.
  • Ukraine is on its way to develop into a global tech powerhouse, taking 11th on the list of top offshore software development countries in the world. Ukraine’s IT industry is among the country’s fastest-growing industries.
  • It is also diverse – from cutting-edge work in AI, cybersecurity, natural language processing, and nanotechnologies, to highly commercial ventures in blockchain, FinTech, big data management, gaming, agritech, and e-commerce. That is why international tech giants are interested in solutions our IT talents can provide for them.
  • Ukraine contributes to the value of Europe as a tech frontrunner and fosters Europe’s competitive advantage on the global tech scene.
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