[TechUkraine news] The ranking of Ukrainian Unicorn startups by Ukrainian Clusters

Ukrainian Clusters presents new rankings of  Ukrainian Unicorn startups.
  • Fast-growing Ukrainian startups ecosystem divided into four groups: Active Unicorns, Future Unicorns, Former Unicorns, and Foreign Unicorns with Ukrainian roots.
  • The primary evaluation criteria included the birthplace of founders, the location of R&D, the latest valuation of the startup, and the startup lifecycle stage.
Startups that are included in the rankings:
  1. Active Unicorns: GitLab, Grammarly, Genesis Tech, People.ai, Firefly Aerospace
  2. Future Unicorns: Monobank, Preply, Restream, Reface, ROZETKA, LetyShops, Rocket, Ajax Systems
  3. Former Unicorns: Ring, Looksery Inc.
  4. Foreign Unicorns with Ukrainian roots: Affirm, The Bitfury Group, Revolut, PandaDoc
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