[TechUkraine proud] The Economist featured Ukrainian tech startup ADAM Bioprinting

The Economist mentioned Ukrainian tech startup ADAM Bioprinting as the example of groundbreaking company developing 3D-printed bone implants within the article “What next? 22 emerging technologies to watch in 2022”
“Two startups, Particle3D and ADAM, hope to have 3D-printed bones available for human implantation in 2022. Both firms use calcium-based minerals to print their bones, which are made to measure based on patients’ CT scans. Particle3D’s trials in pigs and mice found that bone marrow and blood vessels grew into its implants within eight weeks. ADAM says its 3D-printed implants stimulate natural bone growth and gradually biodegrade, eventually being replaced by the patient’s bone tissue. If all goes well, researchers say 3D-printed blood vessels and heart valves are next.”