UNIT.City engagement levels reach all-time high thanks to Spitche ambassador program

In just 5 month-period UNIT.City exponentially increased the number of their brand advocates to 400 and the total number of Facebook actions produced by ambassadors around the brand increased on average by 25 % reaching almost 5,000. Get some insights from the innovation park success story!


It is no surprise for any brand that integrity and engagement with the audience are the top elements that make a brand’s social best in the industry. Global reach and followers count are no longer the primary KPIs for social media managers and brands as they used to. Even though those metrics are important and should still be considered, building and nurturing the relationship with the community is now the primary focus for brands and UNIT.City is no exception.

Ukraine’s first innovation technological park, UNIT.City, provides the necessary resources for innovation boost, building a truly inspiring innovative park.

A trailblazer of Ukraine’s innovation ecosystem unites entrepreneurs and startups, technological companies and disruptors of the country’s IT industry, young talents, students and top-notch professionals.

Unit.City wanted to interact more with their existing audience and reward them for their activity.

When your community is full of bright minds, you should think creatively and search for unconventional approaches to gratify and surprise your audience. That’s where the UNIT.City journey with Spitche began.

The key idea behind the launch of the ambassador program was in increasing engagement levels, building more trustful and loyal relationships with the audience and growing the existing community of the innovative park. UNIT.City wanted to interact more with their existing circle and reward them for their activity.

With an easy-to-customize platform, in just a 5 month period, UNIT.City has been actively engaging with almost 400 ambassadors who were sharing UNIT.City’s content with their followers as well as constantly producing user-generated content on Facebook and Instagram.

Spitche solution has helped us get more organic reach and interactions on our different posts by increasing the engagement in the first few minutes after publishing. Thanks to this early engagement, we can reach a larger audience and increase brand awareness within the community.Iryna Gambal, SMM, UNIT.City

Due to the rewards system established by UNIT.City the total number of Facebook actions produced by ambassadors around the brand increased on average by 25 % throughout a five-month period reaching almost 5,000. The six most active ambassadors were detected and received the rewards over this time.

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