[TechUkraine news] NaVi’s Olexandr Kostylev became the gaming champion of the Esports Awards

Ukrainian professional esports athlete Olexandr Kostylev, 24, has become the gaming champion of the world at the prestigious Esports Awards.
  • Kostylev, also known under his gaming nickname s1mple, competes in the online first-person shooter “Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.” Since 2013, he has earned $1.3 million in 127 tournaments.
  • Kostylev plays for the Ukraine-based esports team Natus Vincere, or NaVi, which Esports Awards considers to be the world’s fourth-best team.
  • Esports are a booming global industry valued at nearly $1 billion. Last year, Ukraine recognized computer gaming as a sport to attract investment into the country.
Via The Kyiv Independent