[TechUkraine events] Six mega tech trends by Dr. Kai-Fu Lee within AI HOUSE CONFERENCE

Today, the AI HOUSE CONFERENCE brings together international artificial intelligence experts and the local AI community in Ukraine where speakers discuss the latest AI researches, solutions and best practices, which can benefit the business nowadays and in the upcoming future.
The keynote speaker, Dr. Kai-Fu Lee, one of the Time Inc. 100 most influential people in the world, the former president of Google China and a top manager at Microsoft, SGI and Apple, shared the Six mega tech trends – predictions from AI 2041:
  1. AI triggering smart and automating business intelligence innovations
  2. AI accelerating future transportation with smart cities and IoTs
  3. AI+ healthcare digitalization underway the public health and well-being
  4. Robots are ushering in the age of automation & smart production
  5. Energy & agricultural driven by manufacturing, not natural resources
  6. Material, energy, production costs largely reduced – “age of plenitude”
Dr. Lee is the author of The New York Times, USA TODAY and The Wall Street Journal best-seller AI Superpowers. Recently, he released a new book, AI 2041: Ten Views on Our Future.
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