[TechUkraine news] Ukrainian Adventures Lab invested in no-code augmented analytics platform Narrative BI

Ukrainian Adventures Lab, a venture capital fund that invests in Early, Growth and Late Stage businesses, and Elysium Venture Capital, Finsight Ventures, Digital Future, Joint Journey VC, and angels at Google and ServiceNow invested $1.2 Million in Narrative BI, no-code augmented analytics platform for growth teams that automatically turns raw data into actionable narratives.
  • Earlier this week Narrative BI launched its first product, onboarding a whopping 500 teams onto the platform after Product Hunt featured the company as its Product of the Day.
  • The company, now eight people who work across five time zones, plans to use the fresh funding to hire and release the 2.0 version of its product next year. Their ultimate goal: to give people with no business intelligence background the power of analytics-based decision making.
  • The founder of the startup belarus born Michael Rumiantsau, now 32, made the Under 30 Forbes list in 2019 for his natural language processing company FriendlyData, which was acquired by ServiceNow in 2018.
via Forbes