AI HOUSE Conference in Ukraine: key takeaways

On November 25, 2021, AI HOUSE Conference brought the world-renowned experts under one roof for a one-day offline experience fueled with the hottest topics in AI and everything around it. During the event speakers discussed the latest AI researches, solutions and best practices, which can benefit the business nowadays and in the upcoming future.

Within the conference visitors had a chance to discover the latest in Quantum Machine Learning, the usage of Self-Supervised Learning (SSL) in video games, delivering and scaling AI/ML solutions, AI for creativity, fostering a data culture, building strong MLOps foundations, and not being afraid of killing projects and ideas.

In the coming years, AI will be focusing on impacting social problems of climate change, healthcare, inequality, and disinformation.

“This will require advances in biology, material science, economics and sociology, fields that are characterized by complex systems and large data sets. These challenges are ideally suited for AI, which will result in some of the greatest AI breakthroughs being in science, health, and sustainability,” — explains Volodymyr Kuleshov, Assistant Professor at Cornell and Cornell Tech.

Leading AI expert and investor, CEO at Sinovation Ventures Dr. Kai-Fu Lee envisions that “the next 20 years will be the best humans have ever experienced”. Accordingly, the major trends that will define the development of Artificial Intelligence are:

  • AI triggering innovation in smart and automated business
  • Acceleration of future transportation with smart cities and IoT’s (Internet of Things)
  • AI and healthcare digitization underway for public health and well-being
  • Robots ushering the age of automation and smart production
  • Energy and agriculture being driven by manufacturing rather than natural resources
  • Material, energy, production costs being largely reduced, inducing the “age of plenitude”

Dr. Kai-Fu Lee is one of the Time Inc. 100 most influential people in the world, the former president of Google China and a top manager at Microsoft, SGI and Apple. He is also the author of The New York TimesUSA TODAY and The Wall Street Journal best-seller AI Superpowers. Recently, he released a new book, AI 2041: Ten Views on Our Future.

Alberto Betella, founder and managing partner at, emphasized the importance of investing in data development and building a data culture within companies from the beginning.

  • Creating a long term data strategy, investing in DevOps and DataOps,
  • measuring everything in your product, and
  • leveraging the infrastructure and data collected as training sets to build novel ML and AI-powered solutions.

AI and ML technologies are gaining momentum and by 2030 the projected AI contribution to the global economy will reach $15.7 trillion, with 80% of retail business executives already expecting to adopt AI technology by 2027 – as predicted by Lauren Romeo, Chief Data Officer at AXA International.

Among the other, most insightful presentations are: 

  • AI and the Metaverse by Sergey Kuprienko, SQUAD, about Synthetic Data in ML – when the world we build becomes the world we live in.
  • Big, tiny and Quantum ML by Mykola Maksymenko, SoftServe, about the emerging field of Quantum Machine Learning that brings in an entirely new point of view on the field.
  • Why and how is AI fundamental for the upcoming revolution of multiverses by Henri Mirande, Co-Founder and CTO at Kinetix, shared Deep Learning & Kinetix purpose in 3D animation.

To build an effective AI ecosystem, the key is to ensure an experience exchange between experts and tech communities from all over the world. Ukraine has a daring ambition to become the European hub of AI projects and AI HOUSE was launched as an initiative to catalyze this process.

“We are serious about putting Ukraine on the global AI map, next to the US and China, and we have all the necessary resources and support of the local AI community to make this a reality. Joining forces with the most prominent AI companies, we will provide free AI education to young Ukrainian talents, hands-on experience with successful tech businesses through internships and mentorship. As well as create the necessary conditions for the development of AI startups” — states Bogdan Ponomar, AI HOUSE CEO.

AI HOUSE — project, initiated by Roosh, with the aim to create an educational AI ecosystem for local industry experts and young talents. The platform will offer the opportunity to build world-class AI ventures in Ukraine.

Roosh — a tech company, creating and investing into ambitious projects, primarily powered by AI and ML. Projects include educational AI ecosystem AI HOUSE, a  venture firm Roosh Ventures, a venture studio that builds machine learning startups Pawa, startups Reface and ZibraAI.

Showreel of the Al HOUSE Conference 2021

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