[TechUkraine news] Doctor Online and LeoDoc are united under the American company LeoMed

The well-known telemedicine service application Doctor Online and the recently launched LeoDoc project are united under one business structure, the American company LeoMed Inc.
According to the service team, such an association has two goals — local and global.
  1. The main local goal is to strengthen the Ukrainian telemedicine market with the ultimate goal of consolidating the leading position among similar products in the domestic market. From now on, any clinic or private practice doctor can be moderated in the service and consult their patients. This will not only speed up and simplify the reception of patients, but also reduce the burden on medical institutions during the new wave of coronavirus.
  2. Among the global goals is to combine the best solutions of both products and significantly expand the regions of presence.
 Nick Kysel, founder and CEO of Doctor Online: “In 2022, we plan to introduce a new common product with unique software solutions and enter the US, EU and the Persian Gulf markets, where telemedicine is developing very actively. For this we have both technical expertise and marketing capabilities.”
  • Doctor Online was launched at the end of 2019. The app can be downloaded in 157 countries, and more than 151 countries already have patients who have used the service. Since the launch of the application, over 850,000 users have received more than 135,000 consultations, 93% of which were in chat mode. The main countries of presence are Ukraine, Poland and the USA.
  • LeoDoc is a telemedicine service launched in Ukraine by the American company LeoMed Inc in cooperation with the IT developer Forte Consulting Group (USA) and the international payment system LEO (Ukraine). The early access soft launch of the app took place in the spring of 2021.