[TechUkraine news] The best Ukrainian impact startups at Sweden-Ukraine Business Forum

10 Ukrainian startups presented the projects at the Startup Pitсh Session at the 9th Sweden-Ukraine Business Forum!
  1. Cardio.AI – startup that uses deep learning to automatically annotate and interpret electrocardiograms captured and recorded by any legally marketed source. This software medical device enables unattended cardiac monitoring with a seamless EHR interface.
  2. WOD Insight by Voopty – an ai-powered platform for athletes who do CrossFit and HIIT. It helps to design and share workouts, track and analyze health data, and give access to the strong online fitness community
  3. Mosqitter – a smart eco-friendly mosquito control solution aimed at protection from mosquitoes in a safe way.
  4. Elai.io – startup that creates AI videos from text. Elai.io allows you to build customized AI videos with a presenter using only text. A simple click is all it takes to generate a video with 40+ languages available for translation.
  5. UniExo Rehab – a high-tech startup that creates a rehab platform of modular exoskeletons using machine learning algorithms and doctor online surveillance.
  6. MaxAh – a startup that develops an ultimate way to store the energy, thus helping any sustainable industry once and for all get rid of nature-harming technologies and reach its evolutionary heights responsibly. Right now MaxAh works on developing the most powerful battery in the world.
  7. BioBetter – an AI-powered virtual biohacking assistant. It offers blood test-based health plans to optimize the body’s vital processes and enables our customers to improve the quality of life, increase performance, slow down the aging process and prevent diseases.
  8. SANI – a smart sanitizer generator uses SANI+ electrolysis technology to produce a powerful and harmless eco-friendly sanitizer from regular water.
  9. BeeHiveDoor- a device for a typical hive, which is used to protect bee colonies from pesticide poisoning, flying predators, hypothermia, and remote control of the main parameters of the hive.
  10. Revizion – an independent review system that works to build a brand reputation. It allows customers to leave feedback using QR codes, emails, calls and supports the API.
Startup Session is supported by Nasdaq, Antler, Invest Stockholm, Sigma Software Labs, Ukrainian Startup Fund, greencubator and Founder Institute.