Afterwords to The Conference.NFT: A real phenomenon in today’s digital world

On November 27, 2021, together with The Conference.NFT, we deep-dived into the world of NFT or “non-fungible token”, which captured the cryptocurrency and art market in 2021. It was the first Ukrainian conference fully dedicated to NFT.

During the event, everyone had the opportunity to listen to dozens of unique speeches and hot panel discussions, they could see the live launch of the NFT game from the world-famous pop star DOROFEEVA, visit a unique workshop from SpaceSeven (NFT-marketplace partner of The Conference.NFT), take part in a real NFT auction of a painting, created by a Ukrainian artist and much more!

Millions of questions from the audience (at the same time more than 500 people attended the conference offline and almost 2,000 online), interesting and meaningful presentations of speakers, discussion of the most relevant topics and cool networking – these are the things that will make guests remember The Conference.NFT for a long time ahead.

Key topics and panel discussions during the event:

  • Crypto, DEFI and NFT base 
  • Getting into NFTs: What is it all about 
  • NFTs Now. Artists, marketplaces, and other participants of this crazy world
  • The entertainment world is going into NFTs

There were not only representatives of Ukrainian industry, but also Polish, Swiss, German (Stephan van Kuyk of METAWALLS Berlin presented ONLINE the speach on “How to communicate and market your NFT project?”) and others, which led to a better understanding of different views on the NFT market, its future and current state in different parts of the world. Among the speakers were the leaders of modern digital and NFT world:

  • Lars Seier Christensen – Chairman of the Board, Concordium Foundation,
  • Andrew Sarnavsky – Tacans Group COO,
  • Dmitry Kornilov – CEO, co-founder of FFFACE.ME,
  • Anna Avetova – curator and founder of the art agency Tuasho,
  • Tais Poda – creative producer and art director,
  • Nikita FREEBOID Khudyakov – NFT artist, initiator of CryptoArt Ukraine

and many others.

Impressions and conclusions by featured speakers:

  • Dmitry Kornilov – CEO, co-founder of FFFACE.ME:

The event left a great impression, in my opinion. I feel that it’s important to discuss new trends and technologies from within the industry instead of hearing about them from the press. It’s great to meet various players in the sphere like artists, traders, and collectors alike.

The main takeaways I want to emphasize are:

  • After the NFT market opened, there was a noticeable survivorship bias. This led to NFT’s changing the way people think about how technology can be used to sell anything.
  • In reality – just because you converted something into an NFT, doesn’t mean it suddenly gains value.
  • NFT technology makes it possible to accredit uniqueness to various digital assets. However, they are only valuable if they are of any interest, regardless of the fact that they were tokenized. Or if their authors are so famous that any of their works offer value.
  • The market is now normalized. Things made by prominent artists are sold with high value. Good to average works are sold for less, and amateurs offer limited to no value.
  • Something you need to answer before joining the buzz is: Would you buy your own NFT yourself? And who are you making it for?
  • Nikita FREEBOID Khudyakov – NFT artist, initiator of CryptoArt Ukraine:

The conference.NFT is something very fresh in crypto community. Kyiv is such a great place to have such an event to have a networking and learn more about NFTs. Art people, Gamify, Metaverse, Collectibles, we’re all can be part of this party. Looking forward the next edition!

  • Lars Seier Christensen – Chairman of the Board, Concordium Foundation:
I was impressed by the many people showing up for the conference, and while I could not really appreciate most of the presenters due to language barriers, I met a lot of interesting people that I enjoyed discussing NFTs and blockchain with. I also think the launch of Dorofeeva’s interesting NFT project went very well. I would definitely be back another time!

Within the event Ukrainian artists made NFT presentations and took place Art Auction.

The world-famous pop star DOROFEEVA (MozgiGroup) launched of the NFT game at Spaceseven, the world’s first NFT marketplace utilizing the eco-friendly and highly effective Concordium blockchain as the primary chain to mint NFTs.

Everyone has their own idol, which has unique talents, knowledge and skills. I believe that this is the human of the future. This is the ancestor doll, from which all future generations of my future game will go. The first ever single edition IDOLL. Auction winner will get with NFT a real same looking doll.

More than seven hours of unique performances, presentations and interesting discussions ended with a fantastic after-party, which took place in the Avangarden Art Gallery and Wine Bar.

AroundB, as the organizers of The Conference.NFT, are grateful to every guest, all the incredible speakers, media partners and sponsors: SpaceSeven, Concordium, Metis, Harmony, Bancambios, Tacans, without whose support this conference would have been impossible. AroundB is grateful to all the creators and artists who visited The Conference.NFT from all over the world to present their NFTs and talk about their personal experience.

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